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Determining Your Dancer's Level for our Dance Competition



Dancers who have had 1-2 years of training. Beginning skill level moves might include; single pirouette turns, chaine and pique turns, basic leaps.  


Dancers who have had 3-4 years of training. More control over movement and performance awareness. than amateur. Moves might include, double pirouette turns,  variety of leaps. 


Dancers who have had 4-7 years of training. Good understanding of staging, performance quality and body control. Moves might include; triple pirouettes, up to 3 turns in 2nd and fouette turns, variety of leaps. 


Dancers who have had 7 or more years of training. Advanced performance capacity, body control and skill level.  More than 3 la seconde and/or fouette turns, turns with spot changes, switch leaps, and any other dance skills are acceptable.


Dancers who have had 9 or more years of training. Older high school age dancers who have extensive training and advanced performance and skill level. Any dance moves are acceptable. Have won 1st or overall in advanced level. 


When determining the level for your team. Look to the average level of all dancers within the routine.

*If the judges feel that someone has entered the wrong category, they will move them to the correct category, and judge them accordingly. That entry will not be eligible for top 10 awards.

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